Almost Adulting

This month marked the release of one of my all-time favourite YouTuber’s (now author as well) first book. I know there is a stigma against YouTubers writing their own books, and some controversy around some even using ghost writers and releasing books just for additional profit, however, I was nonetheless super stoked for this particular one. ‘Almost Adulting’ is a book written by Arden Rose or formally ‘arose186’ online that centralises around themes of growing up, modern love, mental health, sex, independence and navigating adulthood. Arden is actually the only YouTuber that I’ve been an active subscriber of since I was about 15, so getting to read her first book was quite special.

Although the book is a short read, there are times when it does get a bit repetitive, particularly in the beginning of the book and toward the end wherein there is a lot of general life advice. I found the middle chapters to be the golden parts of the book because she dives into her personal experiences with more specific topics. One of my favourite chapters is when she describes her experience dealing with trichotillomania in high school and the insecurities that she overcame at that time. It was nice to learn more about the disorder as it’s not something I have much knowledge on myself.


The other chapter that I particularly enjoyed was when she described how she met and started dating Will, her boyfriend, and the ins and outs of maintaining a long-distance relationship. It felt like a little addition to Will’s book ‘This Modern Love’, which also deals with the role of the internet in helping to build relationships in the contemporary era.


I would say this book targets a younger audience, including those in their 20s or even in their late teen years. Of course, anyone of any age could read this, even those just in the beginning of their teenage years. But as an individual currently in their early 20s, I believe the book would be a more enjoyable read for those around my age because the stories and experiences Arden shares are very relatable. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it so I’d recommend it to any young individual wanting some casual life guidance or a read that feels like you’re having a late night, deep and meaningful conversation with a close friend.

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