Avo Smash

I spent all night in my bed yesterday watching vegan recipe videos and was inspired to make this very simple avocado smash on toast that tasted phenomenal. I had this for lunch today and this filled me up so well, despite it looking seemingly small in terms of size and portion. It’s quick to make, healthy and vegan! So here’s how to make it:


First, you need one ripe avocado. Slice it through the middle and keep one half to smash. Use a spoon to empty out the avocado onto a bowl or plate and use a fork to mash the avocado into a spread-like texture. I cut mine into small cubes before I started smashing, which made the job easier.


Next, finely chop up a bit of garlic and dice a bunch of cherry tomatoes. Heat up a pan to low-medium heat, spritz some olive oil and cook the garlic until golden brown.

Add in the diced cherry tomatoes and cook the tomatoes for about 10 minutes.

After cooking the cherry tomatoes, toast two slices of bread. Spread the avocado smash on the toast, add the cooked tomatoes and season with some fresh pepper. Then voila!



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