Gratitude and happiness

I’ve been bundled in a mesh of confusion lately over my life and my surroundings. Sometimes we grow up in an environment that is comfortable and makes us feel secure about who we are and what our lives will pan out to be in the future. But it’s so easy to just blank out or be numb to all the little things in life that should be appreciated more.

Growing up in a Christian environment through school, I’ve been taught about humility and what it means to be humble in the kind actions we take every day. However, I never really took it to heart. I just played the nice game and assumed that good things would come to me eventually. It’s a kind of hope I held onto because it allowed me to think that all the bad things that were happening in my life were simply impermanent and that it would all pass – that there are better days ahead. This actually plays into Buddhist beliefs of impermanence, which is ironic since I grew up being strictly taught Christian values.

Because of a lot of recent and new stresses in my life that has been ongoing since the previous year, I’ve begun to really try and take a step back in my life and be thankful for all the small things in the world that have come together to make me happier inside. So I’m thankful for all the people in my life who have made me a stronger, wiser individual who is still learning to grow, whether they did me wrong or not. I’m thankful for the privileges I have for living in a wealthier country. I’m thankful for this beautiful earth that I’m blessed to live in. And I’m most thankful for all the love that bonds humanity together.


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