Arden Garden

Started off the day at Circular Quay with the sun finally showing its face during this seemingly cold winter. I met up with friends and we had originally planned to visit Cockatoo Island via the ferry, but we had some last minute plan changes due to time constraints. Instead, we chose to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, which was having a beautiful floral display inside. I’m not quite sure why, but it definitely made me feel as if it were springtime.

There’s this big white building that you have to pass by to enter through. It was pretty neat. It had a little floating island in the centre of it. I’m not quite sure what is the purpose of this place, but it looks pretty sick.

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There were lots of different plants and flowers inside. Good thing it wasn’t too crowded so it wasn’t too hard to walk around to observe the flora and take nice photographs.

At the end of the day, my friends and I spontaneously decided to have some nice Thai food because we were incredibly hungry after walking all day and having had no lunch. Of course, the food was super delicious albeit being super spicy.


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