Today marks my 22nd birthday and boy have I waited for this day to come for so long! Not that the actual birthday celebrations and gifts are what I’ve been looking forward to, but weirdly the number itself. My favourite number has always been 2 – most probably because my birthday falls on the 2nd day of this month. Something about the number 22 evokes this feeling of youth and innocence. It’s hard to describe and it really just sounds mad from an outsider’s perspective. Most people have a strong connection to the age of 21 because it marks a progression in a young adult’s life where they’re in between feeling young and “old”. Also because it’s the legal drinking and smoking age in some countries. Today I’m celebrating my birthday by being grateful for all the people and things that are a part of my life. I’ve decided to take a day off where I’m not stressing so much about things I want to do with my future and just simply enjoy the art of existing in this world.

The world we live in can be chaotic and messy. It moves at such a fast pace and sometimes we get so caught up in this ride that we forget to appreciate life for its simplicities. I’m spending my day today with myself and my family, which is awkward for me because I’m not very close with them, but who the heck. Bad people, good people; they’ve all meant something to me. I wouldn’t hold my strong beliefs and values now if it weren’t for the experiences I’ve had in my life that has ranged from both horrible to wonderful. I’m happy for all the things that have occurred in my life. I’m happy to have a support network of people who love me, and being loved and having people to love is really one of the greatest feelings that I am eternally grateful for. I feel like my life has barely begun and I’m so ready for all the fun and adventure the future holds for me.


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